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Space Awareness Program – Regular Yearly Events

World Space Week Pakistan

World Space Week consists of space education and outreach events held by space agencies, aerospace companies, schools, planetariums, museums, and astronomy clubs around the world during October 4 – 10, each year to celebrate the contributions of science and technology to the betterment of human living conditions.

Space Summer School

Space Summer School is one of its kind platform in Pakistan which targets beginner, intermediate and advanced level of space education for students from numerous schools and colleges of Pakistan. With limited number of registrations entertained each year, SSS is a highly popular space education platform among the young space enthusiasts.

GNSS Winter School

GNSS Winter School is targeted at scientists, researchers and students working in the domains of GNSS, GNC, Aerospace, RS&GIS, Space Systems and Navigation. This school focuses on the Positioning aspects of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as Evolution of GNSS Systems, Positioning Determination Techniques, Coordinate and Time Reference Systems, Satellite Orbit and Position Determination, GNSS Signals and Modern Receivers.

Training and Workshops

Space Ambassadors’ Forum

Space Ambassadors’ Forum is conducted each year before World Space Week to equip the focal persons of respective schools and colleges participating in World Space Week, with the requisite tools and guidelines about the space education events conducted by NCGSA.

Geo Hackathon

Geo Hackathon is a three-day online event comprising of technical talks, mentoring sessions and a team-based competition. Students and researchers propose and develop geospatial solutions / prototypes to the problems and challenges faced by humanity in the domains of UN-Sustainable Development Goals

Linkages and Collaborations

NCGSA believes in collaborations for betterment for space science, technology and its applications. Number of national and international industrial and academic organizations have joined hands with NCGSA to pursue excellence and mutually beneficial relationship in the sector of GIS and Space Applications. Our current partners include:

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