World Space Week is the annual week of celebrating achievements and contributions of Space Science, technology, and its applications. In order to educate young students and the general masses about the bounties of space technology and its applications, United Nations General Assembly has declared 4th-10th October as World Space Week.

UN General Assembly selected 4th to commemorate the launch of the first human-made Earth satellite, Sputnik 1, on 4th October 1957, and the signing of the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, on 10th October 1967.

World Space Week Association (, a non-government, non-profit international organization, coordinates this celebratory week worldwide through National Coordinators appointed in each country. In Pakistan, the event is coordinated by the country’s National Coordinator, the Secretary of National Space Agency of Pakistan, SUPARCO, through Space Education and Awareness Drive (SEAD).

The week is celebrated around the globe in more than 96 countries with 8000+ participants worldwide, organized by different space agencies, aerospace companies, schools, planetaria, museums, and astronomy clubs, all synchronized for an impactful public awareness.

Our Legacy

Institute of Space Technology holds the legacy of celebrating World Space Week in Pakistan since 2005 in collaboration with the National Space Agency of Pakistan, SUPARCO, with the primary goal of promoting space education and awareness among the mass public.

IST cherishes the honor of organizing maximum events in Pakistan during WSW every year. The number of events, participating students and schools, has increased exponentially in the last Seventeen years. Following a predefined theme set by World Space Week Association, various space-related activities are planned for space enthusiasts.

World Space Week 2023

Each year, the World Space Week Association (WSWA) designates a theme to spotlight a particular area of the multifaceted world of space technology. Based on this theme, national coordinators strategize and orchestrate related events.

The theme for WSW ’23 is “Space & Entrepreneurship.” This underscores the increasing prominence of the commercial space sector and the budding opportunities for space entrepreneurs. Advancements in miniaturization, combined with reduced launch expenses, enable small businesses to develop and deploy satellites. This paves the way for entrepreneurs to offer innovative data solutions to both governments and industries.

Embracing the “Space & Entrepreneurship” theme, NCGSA is committed to amplifying space awareness among school and college students through space-centric activities and contests, also highlighting career pathways converging on space technology and entrepreneurship. With 75 modules tailored for students in Grades 6 to 12, participants can engage in a broad array of educational activities. 10 categories spanning various domains will cater to a spectrum of student interests and talents. The World Space Week festivities stand as a pivotal learning juncture, particularly for those passionate about space, guiding them toward a promising career in space technology.

WSW 2023 is planned in two main rounds.

  1. Preliminary Round (Online) Oct 6-10, 2023
  2. Final Round (IST) Nov 8-10, 2023

Categories and Modules

World space week 2023 will hold 75 modules in 10 major categories for students of Grades 6 to 12

  • Space in Quran: Explanation of Universe (Male)
  • Space in Quran: Explanation of Universe (Female)
  • Space Declamation: Speak for Space English
  • Space Declamation: Speak for Space (Urdu)
  • Story Telling: Space Tales (English)
  • Story Telling: Space Tales (Urdu)
  • Astrobiography: Space Legends
  • JWST: Revisualizing the Universe
  • Mathematical Quiz: Space Mathematica
  • Space Technology Quiz: Space Tecathon
  • Space Glossary: Space Concept Builder
  • Spellathon: Space Vocabulary
  • Space Timeline: Time Travel
  • Crossword: Space Puzzles
  • Essay Writing: Space Composition (English)
  • Essay Writing: Space Composition (Urdu)
  • Pictorial Story Writing: Space Fiction (English)
  • Pictorial Story Writing: Space Fiction (Urdu)
  • Letter to Editor: Space Journalism (English)
  • Review Writing: Cine Space (English)
  • Space Blogging: Non Fictional Article (English)
  • Letter to Aliens: Extraterrestrial Communication (English)
  • Letter to Aliens: Extraterrestrial Communication (Urdu)
  • Navigating Google Earth: Exploring Space Heritage
  • Space Environmental Solutions: Remote Sensing Satellite Applications
  • Zero Gravity Idea Bank: Exploring Gravity
  • Image Interpretation: Satellite Image Processing
  • Geocaching: Space Scavenger Hunt
  • Disaster Management: Inspecting Temporal Change
  • Pictorial Geotagging: Mapping Stories
  • CubeSat Design: Nanosatellite Applications
  • CanSat Design: Student Satellite Applications
  • Shooting the Night Sky: Surfing Deep Space
  • Space Crash Inquiries: Investigating Space Tragedies
  • Lunar Base Design: Moon Settlement
  • Aqua Rockets: Exploring Rocket Science
  • Pin Wheel Design: Aeronautical Swirl
  • Balloon Cart: Experimenting Thrust
  • Glider Flying: Reinventing Flight
  • Drag Chute: Safe Landing Design
  • Microgravity Pens: Chirography in Space
  • Space Projects: Space Prototyping (Grade: 6-8)
  • Space Projects: Space Prototyping (Grade: 9-12)
  • Astrolabe Making: Stellar Navigation
  • Telescope Making: Observing Universe
  • Spacesuit Design: Futuristic Challenge
  • Greetings Card Design: Hello Universe
  • Poster Design: Digitizing Space
  • Souvenir Designing: Space Mementos
  • Painting: Colors in Space (Grade: 6-8)
  • Painting: Colors in Space (Grade: 9-12)
  • Sketching: Space Outlines
  • Calligraphy: Space Scriptures
  • Alien Sketch: Space Caricatures
  • Masks Making: Space Masquerade
  • WSW 2023 Snap: Collecting Memories (Grade: 6-8)
  • WSW 2023 Snap: Collecting Memories (Grade: 9-12)
  • One Man Show: Dramatizing Space
  • Space Theatre: Role Playing in Space
  • WSW Vlog: Broadcasting Space
  • Space Recipes: The Space Chefs
  • Sports in Space: Space Athletics
  • Space Settlement: Colonizing Space
  • Visualizing Space Environment: Living in Space
  • Space Farming: Making a Green Space
  • Astrepreneurship: Pitching Business Ideas
  • Space Park Design: Space Recreation
  • Planetarium Design: Exploring the Dome
  • Observatory Design: Gateway to Space
  • Space Debris Cleanup: Space Sustainability
  • Space Agriculture: Food Security in Space
  • Space Careers: Job Fair
  • Space Opinions: Space Writers
  • Space Tourism: Marketing Campaign
  • Space Conference: Scientific Networking


Dates :

  • Preliminary: Oct 6-10, 2023 (Online)
  • Final Round: Nov 08-10 , 2023 (IST)


  • Registration Fee : PKR 10,000/- per Institution
  • Registration Fee is non transferable and non refundable.
  • For information on Registration Procedure please click here
  • Registration Deadline October 02, 2023.

Registration Fee Payment Information

Account Title: IST Professional Development Center

Account No: 0001894146 or IBAN: PK49JSBL9567000001894146

Bank: JS Bank, Sihala Branch Islamabad, Pakistan.

Registration Method: Online/Bank Draft Transfer / Online Deposit

Submission of Modules

The submission links of all 75 modules are provided here

Awards and Honours

WSW 2023 Championship Title for Institute
(Shield and Certificate)

WSW 2023 Runner-up for Institute

Module Excellence Awards for Winning Participant
(Shield and Certificate)

Module Runner Up Award for Runner-ups

Space Ambassador Award for the Focal Person
(Shield and Certificate)

Space Ambassador Acknowledgment Award

Participation Acknowledgement

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