NCGSA at a Glance

National Center of GIS and Space Applications is one of the five major initiatives of Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan towards developing capabilities in the emerging technologies. The center comprises of 7 state-of-the-art research labs in 7 partner higher education institutes of Pakistan. NCGSA encompasses endeavors that strive to achieve and sustain human, technological, research and entrepreneurial capacity in the areas of space science, technology and its applications.

NCGSA Research Labs

Our Labs

NCGSA Research Labs are dedicated to cutting edge research in the domains varying from Geo Information Science, Remote Sensing, Astronomy & Astrophysics to Space Education, Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Small Satellite Technology. Leading researchers and scientists of Pakistan have come together to ensure significant contribution required towards capacity building at national level in GIS and Space Application Sector.


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Linkages & Outreach

At NCGSA, every collaboration within the space sector is important for us. We believe it is only cooperation, coordination and collaboration through which increasing number of amateurs, scientists and researchers get a chance to interact and benefit from each other. Since its inception, NCGSA has aimed to build synergistic and mutually beneficial linkages with academia and industry related with space science technology and its application.

NCGSA Linkages and Outreach Programs

“Allah is He Who has created the heavens and the earth, and He sent down rainwater from the sky wherewith He produced different kinds of fruits to provide you with food. It is He Who subdued the ship for you that it may sail in the seas by His order and likewise He subdued the rivers for you. It is He Who subdued the sun and the moon so that they should steadfastly pursue their courses and He subdued day and night for you.”

[(32-33) Surah Al Ibrahim: Al-Quran]