Space and Astrophysics Research Lab

Host University

Institute of Space Technology, Pakistan

Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad


The Space and Astrophysics Research Lab aims to develop the field of astronomy and astrophysics in Pakistan. The study of space, the Universe, stars, galaxies and various other astrophysical phenomena is centuries old endeavor and has been intertwined with the development of human societies. Astronomy and astrophysics is currently in a golden age with the development of new observatories, theoretical understanding and growing computational resources. However, in Pakistan, this area of research is next to non-existent and we aim to develop it through the following domains.

Research Domains

Domain 1 – Theory

This involves the theoretical study of various astrophysical phenomena, with a particular focus on solar physics, the ionosphere, astrophysical plasmas, pulsars, high energy phenomena.

Domain 2 – Computation

This area concerns simulations, data analysis and their implications. Particular areas of focus include the simulations and study of galaxy and supermassive black hole mergers, gravitational wave events, gravitational wave data analysis, high energy astrophysics, gamma-ray bursts, active galactic nuclei, gamma-ray astronomy.

Domain 3 – Observation

The focus of this area is on capacity building in the area of optical observations. Our goals involve studying various objects in the Solar system such as planets near Earth objects, comets, binary stars, variable stars and exoplanets.

Focused SDGs

  • Quality Education

  • Gender Equality
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Principal Investigator/Lab Director

Dr. Saeeda Sajjad
Dr. Saeeda Sajjad IST, Islamabad
Phone: 051-9075642