Space Summer School (SSS) is a specialized school/program designed specifically for school/college/university students to equip them with the wonders of space science, technology and its applications in an interactive manner. It aims to enlighten young minds with state-of-the-art technologies and research breakthroughs in space science and technology. The curriculum gives the intellectual launch to participants for moving from core of the Earth to the layers of atmosphere with intricacies of flight and aviation. The participants experience the technology behind the launch vehicles, rockets and launch facilities. The next academic learning is the development of satellites while exploring the size, technology and applications of various orbited satellites. The school concludes with the visualization of astronomy, astrophysics & astrobiology domains. It also includes the talks by astronauts, subject matter experts and career counseling in the field of space technology. It involves hands on activities, workshops, creative learning, artistic contributions, software simulations and hardware development.

The Legacy

In 2017, the first Space Summer School was organized at Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad with the collaboration of space startup named as Space Technology Education and Popularization (STEP), with the participation of more than 250 participants from all over Pakistan. It was a huge success and motivated the team for SSS 2018 and SSS 2019 with more than 100 participants each year. In 2020 & 2021, space summer school was conducted on-line due to covid-19 with the participation of more than 700 students from 8 different countries.

Space Summer School 2022

Space Summer School will encapsulate a vast spectrum of Space Knowledge focusing in local and global prospective such that this spectrum of topics will lead to sufficient awareness among the audiences. The voyage of Space Science and Technology Knowledge will move from Earth and will accelerate towards space covering the milestones of Atmosphere, Aviation, Rocketry, Astronomy, Astrophysics & Astrobiology and Satellite Technology. It will also add flavors of International Space Collaborations, Careers and Applications to make this curriculum objective oriented, advanced and up to date.

Exploration Tracks

Earth & Atmosphere



Satellite Technology

Astronomy & Astrophysics

Space Applications & emerging technologies

Important Information

Age Group: Grade 8 –Grade 12
Date: July 25-29, 2022
Time: 1000 Hrs. – 1600 Hrs.

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