Frequently Asked Questions

Space Summer School 2021
1. Who can attend Space Summer School (SSS) 2021?2021-06-11T06:22:23+00:00

Students from Grade 8 to undergraduate level can participate in Space Summer School 2021 by registering here

2. Why should students attend SSS 2021?2021-06-11T06:57:49+00:00

If you are an individual with great curiosity about space, SSS 2021 is the perfect platform to address your interest and explore fascinating facts about space science, technology, and its applications. Participants will get a chance to interact firsthand with facilitators with exceptional achievements in the space sector. In addition to this, participants interested in pursuing a career in the space industry can benefit directly from the SSS 2021 sessions and get valuable input from our academic experts.

3. Can students interact with the facilitator and ask questions as per their interest in space science and technology?2021-06-11T06:59:13+00:00

Yes, students are encouraged to interact with the facilitators after each talk. Time will be given to the students after the talk to address their queries.

4. How will SSS’21 talks be delivered?2021-06-11T07:01:29+00:00

SSS’21 will be delivered through the ‘Zoom’ Platform. Registered students will get meeting links of the Talks and Panel discussions beforehand. You can download zoom here.

5. What is the registration fee for SSS 2021?2021-06-11T07:05:23+00:00

There is no registration fee for SSS 2021.

6. Will everyone who registers for SSS 2021 receive a participation certificate?2021-06-11T07:07:25+00:00

A quiz will be held before the closing of Space Summer School. Registered Participants who maintain an attendance of at least 75 percent and a score of at least 60 percent in the quiz will be eligible for the certificate of attending Space Summer School 2021.

7. Will the eligible participants receive a hardcopy certificate or e-certificate?2021-06-11T07:08:43+00:00

Eligible participants of SSS 2021 will receive an e-certificate subject to their attendance and score in the final quiz.

8. What will be the format of the Final Quiz?2021-06-11T07:10:10+00:00

An online quiz will be conducted that will consist of MCQs based questions. Questions of the quiz shall be from the lecture content delivered during the SSS 2021.

9. What will the high achievers of SSS’21 get?2021-06-11T07:11:09+00:00

Top 3 Students will be given special Certificates for high performance from NCGSA, IST. The performance will be judged by Quiz Grade, Attendance, and interaction during the lectures.

10. What will be the language medium of Space Summer School 2021?2021-06-11T07:12:52+00:00

The talks and Panel discussions will be delivered in English.

11. What will be the timings of the talks of SSS 21?2021-06-11T07:15:04+00:00

Talks will be delivered from Monday 12-15 July from 1000 – 1200 hrs daily. Panel discussions will be held on Friday, 16 July 2021, from 1000 hrs onwards.

12. Can students under grade 8, participate in SSS’21?2021-06-11T07:16:50+00:00

Yes, students below grade 8 can participate in SSS 2021, however the knowledge level of the lectures shall be designed with regard to grade 8 and above.

13. Is there any limit to the number of participants that can be registered from a particular School, college or university?2021-06-11T07:18:03+00:00

No, there is no limit to the number of participants that can be registered from a particular school, college or university. 

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