ICASE 2021 Workshop Registration

A total of 5 workshops are planned to be conducted during ICASE, 2021. National and International Subject Matter Experts will deliver insightful talks and conduct hands-on training activities during these workshops.

Workshop on Small Satellite (CubeSat) Design for Earth Observation Applications

This workshop will cover conceptual design of an EO CubeSat for a selected EO mission with primary focus on mission and orbit design, payload selection, sizing and subsystem analysis and drawings.

Date:  14 Dec, 2021 Time:   1200-1800 Hrs Mode:   Hybrid

Workshop on Use of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning for Celestial Object Detection

This workshop is designed to implement an intelligent computer vision algorithm to detect celestial objects in wide field deep sky astronomical images using Python programming language. This workshop will also aim to provide a broad overview of Computational Astrophysics that combines modern computational methods, advanced algorithms and original software implementations to discover new phenomena, and to make predictions in astronomy.

Date:  December 14, 2021 Time:  (1200-1800 Hrs.) Mode:  Hybrid

Workshop on Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) for Earth Remote Sensing

This workshop will introduce SAR as an imaging radar instrument, and its use in Earth Remote Sensing. The basic SAR imaging mechanisms will be discussed, followed by an introduction to satellite-based SAR systems, data processing tools, data analysis basics, and SAR image interpretation / analysis. The vast range of SAR remote sensing applications will be discussed, followed by hands-on exercises on ESA SNAP software.

Date:  15 Dec, 2021 Time:  0900-1300 Hrs Mode:  Hybrid

Workshop on Geomagnetism & Ionosphere

This workshop is jointly hosted by Institute of Space Technology (IST) and Inter Islamic Network on Space Sciences & Technology (ISNET). The main objective of the Workshop is to develop capacity of aspiring students/graduates and young professionals in the field of geomagnetism and ionosphere by imparting onsite training on observatory operation and lectures by international experts on space weather research, operations and services

Date:  15-16 Dec, 2021 Time:  0930-1700 Hrs Mode:  Hybrid

Workshop on Optical Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Science

This short workshop is organised to develop and enhance the capacity of the post-graduate students, mid-carrier professionals to provide basic knowledge of these technologies utilisation of the free satellite data, software’s and online resources to effectively implement a mid-level project.

Date:  16 Dec, 2021 Time:  0900-1300 Hrs Mode:  Hybrid


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