Engineering notes should be mainly text, and may include some diagrams as appropriate. Contestants may type engineering notes into an electronic document or write them by hand. In the latter case, the notes should be photographed or scanned to create a pdf file (with suffix being “.pdf”).

The engineering notes should contain the following elements:

Name of Work: the name of work should be reflective of the function and type of the CubeSat model, such as “CubeSat solution for communication in unmanned areas of the Nafud Desert, or “Remote-sensing CubeSat solution for monitoring the changes of Arctic glaciers”.

Functional Description: to clearly describe the application scenarios and functions of the CubeSat designed.

Design Drawing: it is suggested that contestants present the exterior of the CubeSat in the form of a three-view drawing, and add words to describe important parts if necessary.

Structural Design: contestants should clearly depict the structures of the CubeSat model through pictures and explanatory notes. The structure drawing can be hand-drawn or computer-drawn.

Materials Used: contestants should make a list of materials used to build the CubeSat model.

Building Processes: contestants may record the entire building processes by words or the combination of pictures and words.

Key Technologies: please describe in the engineering notes whether the work uses some key technologies.