The requirements on the use of materials are set out below:

  1. Contestants can use materials available around in everyday life, and are encouraged to use environment-friendly materials that can be recycled and reused. They can also use self-made devices that meet the relevant laws and safety regulations.
  2. Contestants are allowed to use low-voltage electronic equipment not greater than 12V.
  3. Contestants are prohibited from using materials containing radioactive substances, pollution-causing and unstable chemicals, high-power electrical appliances, or other dangerous materials that may cause personal injury.
  4. Contestants must safely handle the works they have built under the guidance of their instructors, and must not perform dangerous operations at will. Contestants shall also use tools (such as sharp knives, etc.) under the guidance of the instructor.
  5. The panel of judges has the right to decide whether or not to disqualify the contestants according to the seriousness of the safety issues associated with their works.
  6. Contestants are required to carefully read through this guidebook before preparing for the preselection and devising and building their works.